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Based on a true story


Screenplay by Guy de Beaujeu


In the dog days of WW2 the British prisoners of war held in Oflag XIIb in southern Germany are ordered to leave their POW camp for a destination unknown, rumoured to be Hitler’s redoubt at Berchtesgaden.

Two POWs escape the march: pianist and long-term prisoner Sandy Saunderson, captured in Calais in 1940 and hardy Scot and career soldier Ian Weston-Smith, captured in Italy in 1943. 

As Germany crumbles, turning in on itself with a terrifying ferocity, Sandy and Ian – the ultimate and reluctant chalk and cheese partnership – must do all they can to simply stay alive long enough for the US Army to arrive.

Hitler has ordered that all escaped prisoner be summarily shot. The SS is killing anyone showing the white flag, the US is bombing any town not showing one. Reprisals and feuds are being settled and all Sandy wants to do is lie low and await evacuation.

But while hiding in a small town dressed as French workers the two men are spotted and marched to the HQ of the local home guard. Is this really the end, so close to VE Day? The colonel pulls out his Luger and places it on the table. Passing it across to Ian he surrenders his men and the town.

Now it is not just each other the POWs need to keep alive, but an entire German town and its quixotic mix of French workers, German soldiers and local inhabitants. And the SS is on the prowl.

Script available.

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