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Fluidity Films is an innovative film production company specialising in quality literary adaptations. We will deliver exhilarating, well-made British films with realistic budgets and individual, distinctive voices.
We have an eclectic range of literary projects on our development slate including feature films, period dramas, children’s drama and arthouse projects. We believes strongly in the importance of top quality writing across all genres.
• We will seek to retain our independence both financially and creatively
• As much finance as possible will go on screen – we will not use it to support expensive offices and a large      permanent staff
• We will work to tight budgets and deadlines to ensure we get value for money
• We will work with the best talent we can
• We want to work collaboratively with cast and crew who love what we are doing creatively
• We will always explore our creative breadth – we want to work on arts projects and mainstream material
• We will tell great British and international stories with broad appeal
• We will work with the best writers and adaptors – we are looking for individual voices
We are committed to producing only films based on literary adaptations from recognised authors and cannot accept unsolicited material.

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